Soundcheck Test preview | Methismacs

Soundcheck Test preview | Methismacs

Dear friends, this is only a preview of my work called #FreeTimeZone an #Experimental Music Film independent about vision and concept contents media art combining original and remixed music and film. It features remixed, unreleased and brand new videos and music dynamically edited together into a new live piece spread over three screens. The sound accompanying these images includes found footage, masterpiece of cinema... Please support and share THANK YOU!
Two minutes on fly work played a 45-minute audio visual piece performed live from my #experimental #film #soundtrack #free #time #zone project #electronic music #Methismacs ©2016 - Experimental, Film,- Thanks YouTube Post Video Popular Blog #experimentalmusic | Film (Film Genre), Film (Media Genre), Contemporary Art, Deejay, Dolby Digital, Live, Methismacs director and VideoMaker artist like Chris Cunningham, Music, Post, Popular, YouTubePostVideo, YouTube Post, YouTube Video Popular, YouTube, Video Art because One of the key differences between video art and theatrical cinema is that video art does not necessarily rely on many of the conventions that define theatrical cinema. Video art may not employ the use of actors, may contain no dialogue, may have no discernible narrative or plot, or adhere to any of the other conventions that generally define motion pictures as entertainment. This distinction also distinguishes video art from cinema's subcategories (avant garde cinema, short films, or experimental films, etc.), Visual Art, SoundTrack #experimental #film #soundtrack #free #time #zone  #Methismacs Twitter ©2016 Methismacs® is a Filmmaker, video artist, producer, soundmaker, Google+Page More info Methismacs YouTube Channel also Methismacs Twitter Contemporary Art, Deejay, Experimental, Film, Methismacs, Music, Popular, Post, SoundTrack, "A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes" and " use a wide range of styles of contemporary video making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film or Experimental Video Art, Visual Art, on YouTube, YouTube Post, YouTube Video Popular, YouTubePostVideo Los Angeles, California, United States video sharing, video, videos, shortempire, music, social network, methismacs, advice, film, experimental, visual art, youtube, Post, Popular, Contemporary Art, audiovisual, experimental version with sound, made with many music videos that make up the FreeTimeZone of the installation project. Idea, script- concept, production, editing / post-editing and soundtrack by MethisMacs®.
| #Video Art (Visual Art Form), #ExperimentalFilm, #Contemporary Art, YouTubePostVideo, YouTube Post, #YouTube, #Methismacs, Popular YouTube Music video
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