MethisMacs new Video for Codie Lalonde and Chopsjunkie

METHISMACS®2015 advice | Visual arts are a way to manifest the deeply latent concepts of people that often take a deeper look into our world. So, when we talking about #experimental Music, this fusion is very important. By means of Visual Arts and Music, college students taught how replicate critically on their own experiences and responses to the work of artists, craftspeople and designers and to develop their own arts data and preferences. Watch and Listen this new fusion work by MethisMacs, Codie Lalonde and Chopsjunkie. Aposematism and Bubbles. Artist Codie Lalonde | Aposematism from TimeLapse Compilation Vol.2 | Visual MethisMacs. Visit Oldgrowth Records on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist Chopsjunkie | Bubbles . Visual MethisMacs | music video | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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